Another common barrier when trying to live our dream is that we focus on lack. It seems that no matter what, we never have enough.

If you constantly think you have too little, then that is what happens – over and over again. If you can change your attitude and instead imagine abundance, then magic will happen.

You are worthy.

"Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions" - Albert Einstein

However, if you’ve focused on lack all your life, it might not be easy to turn your attitude around in a day. But I will help you. You see, the magic ingredient for a richer life is to first be grateful for what you have.


Write down 10 things in your book that you are grateful for. Repeat this often in your life. Preferably every day or week.

Can’t think of any? Here’s a hint: life, love, flowers, trees, food on the table, friends, etc.