How did it go? Did you travel back to your childhood?

Today we'll talk about having fun. Isn’t it fun to have fun?

"Things that are worth doing are sometimes worth doing too often" - Letterman

To have fun in life may sound like an obvious life enhancement ingredient. That is exactly right.

Some think having fun is something that needs to happen spontaneously. But I think that we can plan some fun in our lives too.

When we have fun lots of lovely hormones and substances are released in our bodies. It's like a double shot. You have fun and it makes it easier to have more fun. This frees up a lot of blockages in you and it is good for your cells.


In your notebook, write down everything that you perceive as fun in life, things you already do or things you want to do, things that are free and things that cost money. Here are some things that can inspire you:

  • Laugh

  • Funny videos

  • Somersaults

  • Painting/crafting

  • Jump on a trampoline

  • Playing an instrument

  • Skiing

  • Travelling

  • Being in nature

  • Acting

When you're done, select some of these things and write them in your calendar. Make sure that you insert as many as you can. Make sure you have a fun life!