Some think it is hard to allow themselves to dream. It is tough to allow yourself to dream beyond your "allowed" dreams, your "safe" dreams. Hard to allow yourself to reach further. We are taught to be contempt with what we’ve got. Many of us grew up with parents, teachers, adults in our surrounding who instilled in us that dreaming is a waste of time.

Therefore, today we will go back to your childhood. You will travel back to the time before those boring adults convinced you that you cannot dream.

When I was little, someone stole me and my mother's bikes. That evening I prayed to God that (s)he would return my bike to me. I was absolutely convinced that God would arrange it. My mother laughed a little and thought my faith was adorable. The next day a man called and said he had found a child's bicycle. Later that day I got my bike back. My mother never got hers. How powerful a child’s faith. 

You can return to this faith within you and use the child’s power once again.


Use your imagination and travel back to your childhood, try to remember something you wished for as a child. For Christmas, your birthday or in general. Perhaps it is a place or a thing that you wished you had when you were a child. Go back to the feeling. Remember how pure and innocent your dreams were. No obstacles. This feeling will help you dream as an adult.

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