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Marketing for early-stage startups

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5 minutes a day for 21 days

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September 30, 2015

What should a marketer do at a startup and why do we need a marketing team? Some people believe that marketing equals advertising. It does not. Marketing is the link between a firm and its customers, it relates to all aspects of the firm that touches the customer. To serve as a marketer in a new company with big ambitions to grow (aka a startup) can be challenging. It’s often different from a marketing or communications job in a bigger organization where there are clear plans and strategies to follow. In a smaller startup, it falls on you to define the market, validate your product/service and identify how to get and keep customers in the most cost-efficient way.

This email course covers five areas of startup marketing:

  1. Positioning and branding

  2. User insights

  3. Acquiring customers

  4. Retaining customers

  5. Management and operations

You’ll be getting one email per day for 21 days, each one focused on one part of the smorgasbord of tasks and challenges for a startup marketer.

I’ve written this course for the startup marketers I’ve mentored and bounced ideas off of over the past years, for founders who’ve reached out for help and for future startup marketers. It contains a lot of those things I wish I had known when I entered this world several years ago. I hope you learn something new and I welcome all feedback.

Lisa Enckell

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