The beauty of working with digital products is that you have quantitative data at your fingertips (literally). There’s no need to ask people how they interact with your product, since you can see it and see trends over time. It’s crack for marketers.

  • Who’s using your product?

  • What triggers them to open the app?

  • What features are they using the most?

  • What aren’t they doing at all?

Look at trends over time to understand your users’ behavior and how different users may interact with your product in different ways. Not only will it inform you on how you acquire the best users, it will also guide you in how to continue developing your product.

You find the quantitative data in tools like Mixpanel or Localytics, but it’s also important to look at more qualitative data points. Answer support questions, talk to users on social media and join a couple of sales meetings. The more you know about your customers, the better decisions you can make.

How many support tickets have you answered this week?
Lisa Enckell