Thank you so much for taking this email course that now has come to an end. I hope you found it helpful.

After leaving Wrapp in September 2014, I started to consult for different startups. I’ve been working with the world’s fastest growing period tracking app Clue (Berlin), San Francisco-based Operator and Lookback (Stockholm and San Francisco) to mention some. I am currently consulting for

In September 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to leave San Francisco to learn more about the rest of the world. During the coming five years we’ll live in ten different countries. We are dividing our time between learning about places, working with startups and investors and making early-stage angel investments in the local markets. Read more about our project on and subscribe to our newsletter. Please reach out if you need marketing help or advice, looking for early-stage funding or just want to say hi.

Have fun and keep fighting,
Lisa Enckell

[email protected]