Welcome to this short course on memory, and most importantly on how to improve yours! Over 12 short courses we will look at why our memory is not necessarily as good as we think, methods you can use to overcome these shortcomings, and small changes you can implement in your daily life to improve the overall function of your ability to remember. What is more, all advice across lessons will be backed by science!

Let’s get started!

The first thing we will learn about is why our memory is so important.

We have all been in a situation where we have not been able to recall some important piece of information, or where some event has been completely forgotten and we remember too late that we were supposed to be somewhere or do something.

Memory is not only useful for remembering what has happened in the past, but our ability to remember has also been linked to the ability to predict future events. So improving your memory is not only going to be useful for remembering what you did yesterday, it will also help you plan and predict what will happen tomorrow!

Over the sessions in this course you will be given practical advice on how you can improve your memory, both to remember specific pieces of information and also on how to improve the overall performance of your memory. This advice is designed so you should easily be able to incorporate it in your daily life.

Let’s begin to find out how you can improve your memory so you can reduce memory lapses and improve your predictive powers about the future!

Lesson #1: Spend a few minutes thinking about how you use your memory to plan what you are going to do tomorrow.