What do you think is the hardest part about mingling? A common thought (that I myself suffer from) is that I will not know what to talk about, that I will just stand there in silence and be awkward. And since most people find it difficult to approach strangers, they will most likely mingle with people they already know. So another difficult task is to dare to leave the group that makes you feel safe and head out into the unknown. But how that is for you, only you will know.

What to do
Take a couple of minutes and write down your worst fears or difficult experiences when mingling. If you are taking this course together with someone, you can use a few minutes during the break to discuss and share your difficulties with each other. 

I now want you to do the opposite: write down any positive consequences that will follow when having the guts to talk to someone at an event. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, it can be as simple as you getting a chance to mingle, you exchanging a few words with an interesting person, or that you get to know a potential friend/customer/business partner or something else. So spend a few minutes writing down your hopes.

Tomorrow we will continue working on your lists.