CrossFit Games is sort of the world cup of CrossFit. During five intense weeks athletes all around the world compete for a spot in the regionals of CrossFit, the winners from that round then move on to the final in CrossFit Games. So it is basically one big, world wide, qualifying competition. The format is easy:

Every week a new workout gets posted on games.crossfit.com. You then have one week to submit your best score on that particular workout. 

The cool thing is that they this year offered a scaled version of each exercise so that everyone had the chance to participate. CrossFit für alles!

I managed to complete five of the workouts, my favorite was number 15:5. It goes a little something like this:

27 cal row (set your rowing machine to count calories)
27 thrusters (use a barbell that weighs 20-45 kg, I go with 40 kg)

21 cal row
21 thrusters

15 cal row
15 cal thrusters

9 cal row
9 thrusters 

Click here for a video instruction of the workout.


Yes, yes you know the drill with our Facebook-group. Would love to see your results on it!