I first encountered this workout in 2012 during my friend Andreas's bachelor party. Andreas loved working out so we arranged a workout with one of the best CrossFit athletes in Stockholm. The workout we did is called Victoria and it is a fairly simple one:

• Row for 800 meters (rowing machine)
• Do 42 kettlebell swings (using a kettlebell weighing 24 kg)
• Do 24 pull ups 

Times three.

During the bachelor party we did the workout it in teams so we could divide the reps between us. And since non of us could do a pull-up we had to use rubberbands to make it easier. One of us had to quit halfway in, one of us got deep cuts in his hands from the kettlebell swings and if I remember it correctly/well I threw up once we were done.

Today, three years later I finish a Victoria (without rubberbands) in less than 19 minutes.

Pull Up vs Chin Up
My good friend Tobias Sjösten informed me about the difference between a pull up and a chin up. There's a bit of a confusion regarding these two, at least in Swedish gyms. A chin up is when you are holding the bar with your palm facing you. As with a lot of exercises a picture says more than words, check out this post for a video explanation and this post for a more thorough explanation.

The ladies of CrossFit
As you will notice there will be a lot of women's names flying around in this course. The "girls" as they sometimes are referred to are a few standard workouts which allows for an easy comparison between people.

Now it's your turn! Please post your time on our Facebook group.


Big up to Tobias for providing feedback and info to this course. Follow him on twitter!