Woho and welcome to my course!

As I have already mentioned I am no expert in CrossFit, just a mere enthusiast. During our coming weeks together I will introduce you to a couple of workouts, most of which have been created by others but also a few that I have composed together with my brother in arms Ludwig. 

Besides the workouts you will get a few stories from when I have attempted the workouts myself. Remember that just because you will get one workout each day doesn't mean that you have to do one workout every day. It took me a while to learn but now I know that sometimes rest is the best way to get stronger.

Some workouts might be too advanced for some people. Please let me know and I will provide you with easier alternatives.

'Nuff said, tomorrow we begin!

Good luck!

Niklas Laninge, CEO Daily Bits Of

I have created a Facebook group for those of us who are taking this course. In the group you will find more inspiration, workouts and you are also more than welcome to post your results on the different workouts. Check out the group here!