We live in the era of behavior modification. There are plenty of things we know are good for us that we want to do. The one that is most often mentioned to me is health and wellness. 

1. Reduce friction (reasons to say no). Set out your gym clothes and shoes ahead of time. Exercise earlier in the day, when there are fewer reasons to say no. 

2. Attach a cost to bad behavior. I pay a trainer, who is also a snarky sonofagun. If I miss a session, not only am I out money, I can expect a text chastising me. Layering on social pressure adds accountability. 

3. Anchor it to an existing habit. Ritual, a direct-to-consumer vitamin service, includes a sticker that says "Take Your Vitamins" with each new order, the idea being that you can put it on your phone or toothbrush to take advantage of that existing habit loop.