Invitation to meetings is important for everyone to know where, when and how. But above all, for the participants to be able to prepare for a meeting, so they’ll be able to decide if they are the right participants for said meeting. Therefore, the purpose of the meeting is important. Be sure to invite the right people for the purpose to be reached and do not invite in a rut.

My best tips for writing an invitation to a online meeting:

  • Set the meeting time 15 minutes earlier. It’ll be a time to log in
    so you can start on time. Those who are fast log in and then go to get a cup of coffee. Those with problems can download an update, test the audio so it works and get the headphones. 

  • Organise a learning opportunity before the meeting with the opportunity to test the tool if some have not used the tool earlier. 

  • Include numbers to a helpdesk / support number or technical facilitator that participants can call if technical problems arise or if they do not attend the meeting.

  • Encourage participants to use the headset, for their own sake, but also for the sake of other participants.

Help participants come well prepared to the meeting and use the meeting time as effectively as possible. You can do this by:

  •  In the meeting meeting, write down the amount of time you approximate to read the material

  • Record a short video (1-2 minutes) on the mobile that introduces the subject you are talking about

  • Open a corporate document where you can write comments before the meeting of the meeting points.

 Today’s assignment

  • Find out the helpdesk number(-s) of the software(-s) you usually use for meetings, and see if they have a learning centre. Save links so you can include them in the next

  • Complete the invitation as described above.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn more about how you can support the participants to prepare for the meeting!