First, a warm welcome to this course! I’m gonna do my best for you to love it!

Let’s get started right away!

You usually (or hopefully) start your day with a shower, so let’s start your new email-you by cleaning yourself up! Since you are subscribing to this lovely course, I’m guessing you use your mail to subscribe to some other stuff as well, right? 

Subscriptions are a great way to keep you posted on information that interest you and/or your business, but can also pile up and not getting read. This waste both space and time in your inbox – and we don’t like that, do we?

Tool: Unroll.me
Unroll.Me is a tool that lets you see everything that you are subscribing to. With this tool you can easily unsubscribe from stuff you don’t like/read/know what it is. This tool is fast, time saving and productivity increasing – just like your future email habits!

Of course you should keep subscribing to Daily Bits Of, since you actually learn something from those emails.

Exercise #1
Use Unroll.me to get an overview of all you subscriptions and keep only stuff that you know you really want to read. If you don’t think you subscribe to anything right know this step will still confirm that and go even quicker! 

Anyways, this takes you around 3 minutes, but saves you so much more!

Tomorrow we will talk about how you can get you inbox even cleaner by filters! 

Have a great day!