As soon as the Sprint Planning meeting is done, we are not allowed to add, remove, or change the items in the Sprint Backlog. That’s because we want to stay focused and get things done. 

The developers start working on a few items on the top of the Sprint Backlog, and they get them 100% done before moving to the next items. They design, program, integrate, and test the items. 

“Testing” includes all types of test, because we really need the items to be 100% done to enable effective feedback. Therefore, user acceptance testing is also part of it. As soon as everything else is complete, the developers ask for user representatives for the user acceptance tests. The test is done all the way through the Sprint; we don’t wait for a certain time in the future. 

Collaboration is important for us. Developers should be working all together. They should be on the same page. How?


- Nader