No, it’s not OK to have an item like “create the solution architecture” in the Product Backlog, because it’s predictive. We need to design the product iteratively

We only have functions there; things that the customer can understand, and when produced, can try out and give us feedback. That’s why Product Backlog Items should have two characteristics:

  1. They should be non-technical, because we use them to communicate with the non-technical customer, and mutual understanding is key for our success. We don’t use sophisticated documentation to communicate the product definition with the customer; we need them to be comfortable and to collaborate. 

  2. They should be independent of each other, because we want to be able to freely sort them based on their business value (importance) and focus on the most important items first.

Something line "The ability for the users to reset their passwords" is a good Product Backlog item. 

A great option for Product Backlog items is “user stories”. What is a user story?


- Nader