Who should measure the performance of the Sprints? The Product Owner? The Scrum Master? Or the Development Team?

Do you remember that one of the Development Team characteristics is that it should be self-organized? So, they should be responsible for measuring their own performance. 

This should be done in an effective way. Tracking the actual vs. planned resources and things like that are not useful. We just check how many items we’ve completed, and check to see if we can deliver everything until the end of the Sprint. 

If we realize that we cannot deliver everything, we’ll call the Product Owner to come and check the order of the items in the Sprint Backlog. That’s all. We do not add, remove, or change items. 

Now, let’s say something has changed in the market and the customer doesn’t need half of the Sprint Backlog items anymore. What should we do? After all, we’re not allowed to remove items from the Sprint Backlog.


- Nader