A good way of composing Product Backlog items is using “user stories”. This is an example:

As an end user, I want to get a report on my account activity, to check if everything is OK.

Yes, it’s small. That’s the point! We prefer to have small items, because it makes it easier to control the project. We can also produce enough 100% done small items in each iteration, while if the items are large, it’s hard to say when they are really done.

This is the generic template for a user story:

As a role, I want function, [so that purpose]

The third part is optional; we don’t mention it when it’s too obvious. For example: As a system administrator, I want to reset passwords.

So, what do you think about this: As a system administrator, I want to have an SQL database for the system.

Is it a well-formed user story?

No. Because the second part of the user story should be about an action; it’s about doing things, rather than having things. 

Do you know who creates the Product Backlog items?


- Nader

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