It’s a great day, isn’t it? After all, you are not responsible for losing millions of Dollars in your company ;)

What do you think was the reason for that CEO to reject the resignation of the executive who caused the company to lose millions of dollars?

The CEO said: we’ve just spent millions of dollars training you, how can I let you go?!

We’re making a lot of mistakes, and we come up with many great ideas in our projects. Do we keep this knowledge? Do we reuse them in the future projects? Or do we keep reinventing the wheel? 

It happens automatically for individuals. We all have memories after all. However, it’s different for the organization as a whole. We can be more successful if we share the experiences created in the company. The least we can do is to store our historical information in a way that is accessible in the future. The other is to capture lessons learned, every day. Just imagine creating an online forum for the project team and have them discuss their problems and solutions there. It’s a great resource for all team members to learn from. 

It was the second core principle: Learn from Experience.

We’ll talk about the third principle tomorrow. Before that, please answer this simple question: what is your exact responsibilities in the project? Do you really know what others expect from you? Do you know what you can expect from others?


- Nader

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