Before answering the yesterday’s question, we should think about the purpose of measuring performance. The purpose is to find deviations as soon as possible, and take action to fix them. That’s because it’s easier to fix them earlier. So, what are the targets we should monitor?

Targets are time, cost, quality, scope, and so on. We don’t care much about the current state (e.g. percent complete); what we really need is forecasted parameters for the end of the stage and project. For example, we want to know if we can finish the stage on time. If not, we should find a way to fix it. 

So, who should decide on the solution? It’s all based on the “manage by exception” principle. If the issue is within the tolerance levels defined for the Project Manager, they will decide and implement the solution. Otherwise, it would be an “exception” and will be escalated to the directing level to decide. They will tell the Project Manager about the decision and it will be implemented. 

Alright, we’re done with the themes, and we’ll discuss the processes in the next days. 


- Nader