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Psyched for Work

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14ccf72f6407961f042983366254c46b695ded52 Samuel West


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5 minutes a day for 16 days

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November 28, 2016

Just like people, some workplaces are fun while others are boring. The one thing that happy workplaces have in common is employees who are engaged in meaningful assignments. They are efficient, productive and enjoy the challenges that come with the job. Happiness at work leads to employees who are successful in their professions and proud of their employer. 

With this course, I hope to put job satisfaction on the agenda of corporate life, and get managers and individual employees alike to stop and think about what they can do to bring joy to their job. You will learn about all the advantages of workplaces characterized by joy, as well as see what you, your employer and your coworkers can do to create such a workplace. 

The advice and suggestions that will be presented are based on recent research as well as my own experiences as an organizational consultant. 

Sounds interesting?