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Psychology for UX and Product Design

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300eb6500d3409b5282f888b97db888e912844e7 Joe Leech


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5 minutes a day for 15 days

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January 12, 2017

How many options should you offer in a navigation menu?

How many products can you show to increase the likelihood that a user will choose one?

How can you make it easy for the user to fill in a form on your website? 

Knowing where to look for the answers to these questions makes the difference between a good UX designer and a great UX designer. 

Psychology gives a framework for understanding how your users think and behave. Matching your design to your users' behavior is a sure fire route to design success.

In this course, I will show you how psychological theory can be applied to design. I won’t demand that you read every single study published. What I will show you are the benefits of taking a psychological approach, as well as how to advocate your design decisions based on sound psychological reasoning, making your designs – and the way you talk about them – better.

Sounds interesting?