In most workplaces you can’t choose your email client, and must use what is mandated, typically MS Outlook/Exchange. In that case my advice is to spend some time to learn how the application works, and what features if offers to optimize your workflow. Most people are surprised when the find hiw many features and tools are hidden within a common email client.

For those of you who can choose, I would recommend:

  • For Windows: eM Client or Mailbird Lite

  • For Mac: The included Mail-app. It may not be the best client, but it’s integration to the rest of the system makes if very efficient to work with.

  • For webmail: Gmail - one of the most common services, which evolves all the time. It also offers Google Inbox, which completely rethinks email management,

But of course, if you are using an email client you like and know well, by all means, keep using it.