A lot of emails that invade you inbox, are not yours to reply to or act on. Forward them instantly, but do it right.

I recommend on of these two ways:

  • Send it to the appropriate recipient with a CC to the sender. For instance: Hi Lisa, This issue is about testing, so I’m forwarding it to you.

  • Reply to the sender, with a CC to the appropriate recipient. For instance: Hi John, Since testing isn’t my division, I think you should turn to Lisa.

If it’s a long and arduous chain of emails, avoid just forwarding it with the comment “Can you take a look at this?” or the likes.

If you’ve read and understood what the email means, take the time to clarify what this is about and what is expected of the recipient. For instance: There are different ideas about the project’s objectives and time plan, according to the below conversation. Can you find out the official position and clarify it to all involved?