Emails that need saving are ones that you for some reason know that you will or may need later.

That typically includes:

  • Information about policies, routines or instructions.

  • Decisions and agreements.

  • Receipts and confirmations.

  • Communication around current projects.

There are two main schools of thought for saving email

  1. Save everything on one large archive folder and find emails by searching.

  2. Save in separate folders for projects, dates, people, or whatever you like.

For most people I would recommend method 1. Mostly because it’s harder than you think to find and maintain a consistent folder structure.

Separate folders can be appropriate when you work with several project and want to trash, or archive the whole folder, when the project is completed.

You can also combine method 1 and 2, and have a common archive for most things, while clearly separate areas or project get their own folders.