We are at the end of our mini course. Do try these tools and share with me what worked for you! 

Before we close, a few quick bonus tips for you.

1. After your meeting, do send out a bullet point summary of the conversation along with your action points. This tells the other person that you have heard them well and will act upon your promise.

2. Before any important negotiation, get together for a meal. Maybe, you can start your meeting after having lunch together.  Breaking bread together helps in better bonding. If that is not possible, then do not forget to offer a hot beverage to the other person if you are hosting the meeting. And if you are being offered a beverage, always take it!

3. Never gossip about competitors. When we do that, subconsciously our brain starts associating those same characteristics with the person who is gossiping.

4. Learn from what works for you and what did not work for you. Keep tweaking!

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