Successful selling is all about listening well and understanding the needs of your ideal customer! Do you want to show to your listener that you are totally tuned in and listening to them with all your attention? Use these four steps: 

1. Align your top, torso and toes towards them. This is called Fronting. When you front someone you show non-verbal respect and let them know that all your attention is theirs. Try it today with a client, a supervisor or even with your spouse and notice how your engagement shoots up. 

2. Maintain eye contact for 60-70% of the times. If it is anything less than that the other person might think you are not interested and if it is any more than that you may come across as creepy.

3. Lean in to non-verbally indicate that you're very keen to listen to them. Move your torso forward towards them. A slight head tilt indicating that you're all all ears helps in making them speak freely and more comfortably.

4. Use the power of 'triple nod'. When you want someone to speak more, give them a slow and purposeful nod three times at the end of their sentence. This encourages them to speak more. 

I hope you're enjoying the course so far. Do share with me how listening better has helped you serve your customers better.

Take care