Continuing from our yesterday’s tips:

Your hello on the phone makes your first Phone Impression.

Master it! A squeaky hello will make you sound incompetent. Always say your HELLO on the out breath! Listen to this example to understand better:


How can you ensure WARMTH in your phone calls? Never script. Always bullet! If you script your answer it will always come across as rehearsed. Instead write down the main bullet points and then discuss them one by one. Share stories and elicit stories from the person on the other side. For example: "Did something like this happen with you?" "Do you have any example to share so that I can understand your point better?" Stories increase the overall warmth of the conversation.

What is an authentic and effective way of adding emotionality to your phone conversations? Use your hand gestures. Yes, it works. When you feel an emotion, you express it fully with your hand movements. For example, you want to say that "We will grow your company from Point A to Point B." You are fully expressed when you show the growth signal with your hands. Do it even in a phone conversation. The emotion will transmit through your voice.

Take care