As humans we love to buy from people who are confident about their work! Let's learn a few tips today on how we can use our body language to show confidence and feel confident.

1. A steeple is a very powerful gesture of self-assuredness. When we bring our hands up near our chest and press the tips of our fingers together we form a steeple. Use the steeple especially when you are listening to another person. (The above picture is an example of a steeple)

2. I am asked very often “To smile or to not smile?”  "Will people take me seriously if I smile?" Well, the truth is that a genuine smile not just shows warmth but also helps you come across as more competent and self-assured. On the other hand a fake smile is a clear sign of nervousness or weakness.

3. Avoid being a “bobble-head”. This is a very common mistake when meeting a potential client because we are very eager to please them. To show that we agree with them we nod our head too much and too fast. This is called over-nodding or being a bobble-head. One must nod, only when you agree with someone else you can come across as a yes-man.

4. If you are presenting to a group, stand to make your presentation. When you stand and speak you are at a height advantage. In addition, it also makes you feel more confident and in-charge of your words.

Try to use at least one of the tools mentioned today. My favourite is to notice, and trying to avoid, being a “bobble-head”. Ever caught yourself nodding away at a meeting?

Enjoy your dose of confidence today!