So you know your product and service inside out. But what's also important is how confident you are while presenting and how you build a rapport with the other person.

Preview the person’s social media profile before you meet them: Wondering why? Well, let’s talk science for a minute. When we touch someone or make an eye contact, we release a bonding hormone called Oxytocin. Now, it's very important to build genuine rapport with someone so that they can trust us to buy from us. In the absence of a face to face meeting or before that, seeing their picture helps in forming a bond with that person even before meeting them (let’s call it virtual eye contact). Alternatively, if you are not meeting them and it is a phone conversation, pull up their profile picture in front of you while talking to them.

Pre-power pose to get your dose of confidence: Before any important phone/in-person meeting, stand in an expansive pose. When you do that, your body releases a strength hormone called Testosterone and lowers the stress hormone called Cortisol thereby making you more confident for your meeting. Try it for 2 minutes before you meet a potential client.

Wherever you are today, try power posing

Take care