From your phone conversations the person on the other line can make an assessment on your warmth, confidence, competence and effectiveness. Do you sound friendly and approachable? Do you come across as credible? How confident do you sound? How effective are your phone conversations?

Show EFFECTIVENESS in a business call: Say "I will note down the key points of the call so that we both know our action items." Simply by verbalizing your intent you are sending out an "effectiveness signal". The other person will know that you want to get work done and you will be taken more seriously.

Show CONFIDENCE on the phone: It happens very often that whenever there is a tough topic like price being discussed, we suddenly lower our volume. This tells the other person that you are not very confident about your price. Ensure that you volumize even during a tough conversation.

*A special tip for those of you who are taking phone calls from your open office spaces. If possible, find a cocoon room to take your call from so that you can speak at a good volume.

Since this is such a major part of our conversations, I will share some more tips on phone conversations in my next module.