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September 17, 2015

Street photo is to, in a documentary fashion, depict people and their lifes in an urban environment - showing what we do, induce and change. It's a direct storytelling of our everyday lives.

I claim that street photography is the ultimate way to take pictures, as street photographers always must be prepared for just about anything. This also turns it into a very good learning activity for any kind of photographer. What you face in street photography, you can adapt and use in most other genres of photography - whether it's landscape, press, sports, family portraits or even selfies.

 This course offers many tips, buts also challenges. There will be hints on technical settings as well as on ways to socially interact. There will also be a bit on laws and regulations. I believe this will give you not only courage to try, but also a craving for more. And the reward is almost always really good pictures telling a story.

Just an important detail, as I'm constantly asked this: Street photography is about the people, not the streets. Architecture and design/composition photography is NOT what we do.

Gunnar Fägersten Novik. I am a dedicated street photographer since several years. After working more than 20 years as a journalist, I now work with communication, marketing and business development. I still write a lot, convinced that pictures are a natural part any story. You can see my pics at my Wordpress account or at Facebook -
If you understand Swedish, I also write about communication and more at my blog:

At the Instagram account @GunnarFNovik I'll try to publish a street photo a day.


I first wrote this workshop in Swedish, together with my street pal Daniel Eliasson, lot's of thanks to him for that essential input. 

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