Street photography craves closeness

Your image should speak loudly to the viewer. At best they feel as they're part of what happens in the picture. There are two quite simple tricks to make that happen.
- Get really close
- Eyes looking straight into camera

Get closer yet
Being really close means not further away than 7 feet from your main motif. When you think you're close take one more step closer.

Eyes into camera
When someone meets your eyes, you can feel it throughout your body. This is especially true to street photographers when you're close enough. It fills your picture with that magic feel of presence - and the viewers of your image share that feeling. Next time you take pictures of someone, dare to wait until he or she looks straight into your lens.

Today's challenge: Shoot pictures of five (5) people with a wide-angle lens (18-35 mm), no further away than 7 feet.


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