Composition helps tell a story

Rule of Thirds
I've written about Rule of Thirds earlier. It's a basic rule of composition that tells you: Don't put the most important thing in the middle!
Imagine two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, placed so that they divide your picture in nine equal sized parts. Your most important stuff should either be on one of the lines or at a junction of lines.

Perspective and Balance
For most images this is the smart composition:
1. Foreground 2. Lines leading your eyes into main motif 3. Main motif  4. Supporting backdrop.
(In the picture these elements are: 1. The staircase 2. The wet tracks 3. The three guys 4. The white house.)

Your position adjusts composition
When the right moment arrives you'll only have a second or so to "click". That means you need to be prepared and that positioning yourself in a smart place helps. By doing this you can choose composition in your viewfinder. With practice, you'll get better at this.

Tips summarized: Composition before shooting, according to Rule of Thirds. Try to add elements accordingly. Your positioning affects composition.

Today's challenge: Find a nice motif or backdrop, preferably with leading lines into point of interest. Wait for something to come into focus and shoot.