On street portraits, part 2

How did your manage with yesterday’s street portraits? And how can you improve them? There are many different ways to take a good portrait, but also some to ruin it.

Background matters
A common mistake is to have a backdrop that’s too messy. When you take portraits you should pay attention to what the background looks like. Go for the ”calmer” ones.

Look for character
Interesting people always stand out in pictures. Try to find those who stick out around you. They will always intrigue those who see your pictures.

What about the Rules of Thirds you learned yesterday?
Did you remember or did your motif end up in the middle anyway? Try to emboss this rule into your backbone and use it frequently. Put your main motif at a third.

Tips good street portraits: 1. Mind the background 2. Find nice characters 3. Try to get at nice composition directly in your viewfinder. Look at the attached image and make good use of Rule of Thirds, this will give your image both direction and better balance.