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Street photography is personal

Daniel E on street photography
I have a good friend, that's been doing this a lot longer than I. And he's good at it too. Here’s what he says about the genre:
“To me street photography is a social thing, trying to get into the flow. I like to move in and out of the stream of people and to be part of it. You'll probably see that (when you get on with this) that your first 10.000 images are your least good. Because it's about practicing and training your eyes into seeing images that tell a story. A perfect day, you should be pleased to have at least ONE (1) really good picture per shooting occasion.”

My best own advice
Eyes. I always look for eyes and looks. Where they see, what they see, how they see and why they see. Something about eyes can turn your images into magic. I quite often just wait to get that look straight into my lens. That's when I "click".

That concludes this course. See you on the street!

Tip: I'm happy to answer almost any question on street photography on this site. Either you just write a comment on my images or just ask something in general. I'll try to answer as soon as I can - either here on this site, or at my street photo site at Facebook.

You can find Daniel and his work at either www.streetpeople.se
or at  www.facebook.com/DanielEliassonPhotography.