To add dimension

To create a story demands more than just a nice motif. It needs contrast, relationship or/and supplements (in elements of image). Here are three basic tips on how to create a story.

Shoot through windows. Try to get both what's happening on the inside and the reflection of the outside. When these two blend, magic can happen.

Mirroring and reflections
Besides windows and actual mirrors there are interesting reflections from polished metal or puddles. By shooting into those you get a nice perspective on events.

Leading lines into images help the onlookers to focus. This happens as your viewing very often subconsciously follow lines in or out of pictures. The image (“Small town back lit”) shows this as all different lines in the picture leads from the edge into the "vanishing point". (This specific picture I took with a cell phone, the lines are always there, no matter what camera you use.)

Challenge - reflections: Shoot five images where you utilize reflections and mirroring. Let your fantasy lead you, using puddles, display windows and ordinary mirrors.