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To be prepared
A street photographer depicts unknown people. Portraits and everyday moments, documentary images with nice timing.
The beauty of this is that you’ll always show the magic here and now, unplanned. And everything you really need is to always carry your camera. The recipe for a magic street photography include only two ingredients:
1. A camera
2. An urban environment.
It’s that simple. 

How expensive is it?
You probably already have what you need in terms of camera. There are many street photographers that take fantastic images, using only their cell phone (mobile). So instead of craving expensive equipment, put your time and effort into knowing and mastering the one you already own. That will take you far.

Size doesn’t matter
A large camera is heavy to carry, but offers more ways to set. A smaller camera is easier to carry, but offers less settings. What you prefer normally doesn’t affect the result, your images. Most important is to just BRING the camera. Just remember, the most renowned street photographer of all, Henri Cartier-Bresson, had a camera a lot less fancy than the one you probably already have.

Our first tip to everyone interested in street photography is: Take a lot of pictures! Always carry some kind of camera and dare to take one more picture. By doing this a lot, you will get better.