Whether you are talking to 10 or 100 people,  you're bound to have some people who desperately want to say something. This can be interpreted as disruptive or rude. 

What do you do?

  •  If possible, take a few steps toward that person.

  • Put your hand up (palm facing the audience) and say, " Can you please put a pause on that. I want to make sure ....."

  • If you are in a situation where you encourage your audience to ask questions, and one person dominates the conversation, say, "So others can get a chance to ask their question, I'd like to hear from them."

If someone starts arguing with you, tell them you'd be happy to discuss the matter in private. Chances are the other person will calm down and not take you up on your offer. Unfortunately, if the person is drinking alcohol, you can't use this tactic.
What would you do in any of these situations?