Last time we discussed the Rule of 3. You learned that, according to, Phil Crosby, "No one can remember more than 3 points."

Now we look at the  Primacy and Recency Effect. This effect states that people are more likely to remember the first (primacy) and last (recency) parts of your speech.  No matter how long or short your speech is, the Primacy/Recency Effect is happening. People remember least what is said in the middle of your speech. If you abide by the Rule of 3,  your speech should have a  beginning, a long middle that blurs together, and an ending.  Think of it this way,  The last thing the audience hears is the first thing they remember. 

To take full advantage of the Recency Effect, make your ending as powerful as possible. Of course, you'll summarize what you said. Here's you chance to make a lasting impact on your audience.

How can you emphasize the content of your speech so your audience remembers the beginning and the end?