What is the Rule of Three? Why is it important? How can I use the rule in my speech? Hey, I just used the Rule of Three in the last three sentences. Cool, huh?

 1. Less is Better

The famous businessman, Phil Crosby said: "No one can remember more than 3 points."

The Rule of Three states that facts, ideas, thoughts, and insights are more memorable if presented in threes. 

If you're using a visual presentation slide show, in your speech, it is best to keep your key points to three. If you're putting content on your website, list no more than five. 

2.  Do What They Do

Here's what professional speakers do to make their speech bite-sized, using the Rule of 3.

  1. At the start of their speech, they say, "here's what I'm going to tell you". Then they briefly give a summary of their speech.

  2. Next, they give the speech.

  3. At the end of the speech, the speaker tells the audience what was just told to them. The ending should be bite-sized.

3. Tell Me a Story
Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. Structure your speech so the middle part contains lots of threes. And be sure to have a happy ending to your speech.
Guess what? I just used the Rule of 3 again by answering the first three questions. 
Think of some three's in your life.