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November 02, 2016

Using an active systematic mind-body approach, this course teaches the correct way to breathe for reducing anxiety (diaphragmatic breathing), speech writing skills for all occasions, and techniques for remaining calm and in control when facing an audience. 

In addition, an Assertiveness Training segment will help you to develop a new self-esteem as you overcome your compliant behavior. This will help you to eliminate the guilt and shame you feel when saying ‘no’ as you discover the difference between aggressive and assertive behavior. Achieved with an Assertiveness Chart, included in the lesson, you will record your non-assertive behavior, systematically learning new behaviors based on your personal rights. Developed by Natalie H. Rogers, MSW, Psychotherapist, Actress, Published Author (TalkPower Inc: The mind-body way to speak without fear), and performance trainer.

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety with correct breathing techniques

  2. How to inject warmth and personality into your presentation

  3. Assertiveness training to enhance self-esteem

  4. How to make an engaging toast for any occasion

  5. Creating a warm eulogy for a loved one 

  6. How to give or accept an award with charm

  7. Preparing for a confident job interview

  8. When Testifying in Court: How to Reduce Anxiety and Speak Sincerely when Testifying in Court 

  9. Enjoy your wedding by eliminating self-consciousness when you walk down the aisle 

  10. How to introduce yourself to a group comfortably plus follow-up participation

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