Enhancing your self-esteem and your confidence takes time, patience and attention but it is possible. With patience, motivation and attention to your goals on a daily basis, you can become as empowered as any person you admire. Experience tells us that successful learning and growth is reinforced with lesson repetition. 

Let’s sum up with a few key words, the lessons you have learned in this training course. Referring to these key words each day will help you to reach your full potential. From time to time you may slip up, that is only natural. However, those who achieve, brush off mistakes, learning from them, and then push on to realize their dream of becoming a confident professional.

When relaxing (watching television, at the movies, waiting for a coffee, when you first go to bed etc.), think about practicing Belly Breathing. Just five minutes of Belly Breathing each day over a period of approximately 6 months (believe me, it’s time well-spent) will definitely result in a calmer, more focused and more centered self. 

Telling an appropriate and interesting story ‘about yourself’ that relates to the topic of your speech will certainly endear you to your audience. 

Taking the chart I have enclosed seriously and making a five-minute daily commitment to log in will really amaze after only a matter of months. You will have clarity, lose your ambivalence, stop questioning your decisions, have better control over your irritations, see the other persons’ point of view and project confidence.

There are two kinds of toasts, a brief happy toast at a dinner party or a longer more formal toast at a wedding, graduation or special occasion. These special occasion toasts can be a lot of fun. Telling a story is always remembered, while giving a lot of compliments, glorifications, huff-and-puff, certainly can become boring and tedious. So for your next special occasion toast, write down a brief, interesting, or funny story about the person, occasion or subject of the event. Be sure to write it down and practice it at home paying special attention to speaking slowly and clearly. This rehearsal should be done twice a day for five days before the big event so that when the time comes, your brief performance will be a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to read your toast if you feel nervous about forgetting a word. As far as the dinner party toast is concerned, if you want to come off as elegantly as possible, you really should practice what you are going to say at home once a day for five days before the dinner party. This may seem excessive but take it from me, it works. 

Eulogies can be important messages of healing to the family and friends of a loved one. A eulogy that is personal and expressive helps to spread a feeling of belonging and family at a very sad occasion. Those filled with compliments, glorification and praising of the deceased cannot compare to the comforting feelings that are engendered by a touching, funny, or an interesting story that everyone can relate to. Write your eulogy out, practice it at home for five days once a day, don’t be afraid to read it, keep it brief (approximately 150 words). 

Accepting an award is one of the happiest occasions. Whether you are sure that you are getting an award or not sure, you should always be prepared with an acceptance speech. Thanking the individual or the institution involved is a must. Beside that, a charming personal story about how this has happened is always received with great pleasure from a constantly inquisitive audience. Write it all down, clearly and briefly, practice it at home for 5 days before the occasion, speak slowly and clearly and the audience will feel that your award was well deserved. 

Let’s face it, job interviews, especially if you really want the job, are nerve-wracking. The only way to give you some control over your interview performance is to prepare properly. I cannot stress enough the idea that preparation is the key to a successful job interview as indicated in Lesson #7. This includes taking Lesson #1 Belly Breathing seriously. Give yourself at least a week for this endeavor and when you get too anxious, sit down and do some more Belly Breathing and good luck!

Who likes to testify in court? I can’t say that testifying or jury duty is in the top ten of fun experiences. On the other hand, there is no escape. At some point, everyone in the county over 18 is called upon to testify. In this case because you probably are suffering from extreme pangs of anxiety, practicing Belly Breathing can be a lifesaver because it reduces anxiety significantly. If you practice as much as you can beforehand and especially every night before you go to bed, when the time comes that you are actually sitting in the witness chair, you will be able to Belly Breath without too much trouble. As a result, you will feel much more comfortable and in control. Practice your Belly Breathing from the moment that you are informed about your court date until the actual moment of testifying, that’s the key to what one might call normal behavior on the stand or at least what looks like normal behavior. 

Congratulations you are getting married or you have been chosen to be a member of the wedding party. Great, yes? Well, not really. Not if you are painfully self-conscious about people looking at you. There is, however, a solution and that is all of the above recommendations made in Lesson #9. Please do not wait for the last minute, or you will regret it whenever anybody asks to look at your wedding pictures or video (if you have one). Instead, force yourself to begin a program of preparation as indicated in Lesson #9 and take my word for it, you will actually enjoy your own wedding. If you don’t believe me, listen to the audio testimonial on my website from a young man who previously dreaded his wedding, used the wedding preparation techniques and had the best time of his life as he married the girl of his dreams in front of a large number of guests. 

Everyone in your department is so excited about the trip to California sponsored by your company on the eve of the merger. Everyone except you. You have insomnia and nightmares about what will happen when you have to introduce yourself to the new executives. Will you forget your name? Will you pass out? Will you stop breathing? Will you become nauseous? These situations are always one step away from oblivion. 

Even though you are in a senior position, respected and valued by your colleagues, hard as this is to believe, you are secretly terrified of public exposure. But if you follow the instructions in Lesson #10, you will have a chance at least to get through the experience without any major catastrophes. However, if you really want to make a major improvement in your life, one that will really change your life forever, make arrangements to participate in the next TalkPower workshop to be held on January 21&22 in 2017 or any other upcoming dates for 2017. Your profile is exactly the client we deal with, the client disappointed with the traditional public speaking, the client desperate for release from his secret and deadly phobia about speaking in front of an audience. See our website