Work & Career / How to Go From a Decent Speaker to a Great One

The Art of Keynoting

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Def49166c80c276a4b4d3bc088617f8a5bd8db5f Alf Rehn


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5 minutes a day for 14 days

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April 19, 2017

This is a short course of 13 lessons on how to develop from an OK speaker to a really, really great one. Created by Alf Rehn, who is a professor of management and a professional keynote speaker, it is created for those who wish to develop as professional speakers. Rather than going through the very basics of public speaking, it addresses what you need to do to stand out, and win over the hearts and minds of audiences. The course also delves into issues such as using humor in speaking, stagecraft, and other aspects of speech design, performance, and audience interaction.

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