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The Complete Guide to Effective Feedback

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5 minutes a day for 12 days

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January 11, 2016

Most of us like to see ourselves as empowered and direct—able to speak up and be honest about what matters to us. Yet many of us also have at least some times where we struggle to speak up or give feedback. We may censor what’s true for us - and, as a result, not get our needs met or lose trust and connection with others and ourselves.  

What gets in the way of speaking up? We'll explore the answers to this question and how to overcome our fear step-by-step this 12-day course.

You will find out how to speak up in a way that ensures you're heard, even in challenging situations.

You will be equipped with the same knowledge that I teach to high-level professionals from Fortune 100 companies and to leading universities.

The course is based on a two-day program I teach at Cornell University as part of their professional development programs. What I share is the product of two books on this skill set. I share these skills regularly with companies through training and coaching.

So all of it is tried and tested!

Sign up and you'll be on your way to giving effective feedback in no time.


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"The title doesn't lie, this is one helluva course. I have actually taken it twice to make sure I try all the exercises. I really believe my team can tell the difference in how I give feedback nowadays."

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