Surely no one has missed that HR work with processes? The difficulty may lie in measuring the value of this work, follow up change and see results over a longer period of time. This is where an HR system may really come into play and deal with a lot of the formal process steps for you. It also saves data, meaning that after some time of it being used, you have every opportunity to follow up on results and see which activities really make a difference. Verismo HR provides process support throughout the employee life cycle from recruitment to exit and most things in between, such as performance management and salary review.

There are many questions surrounding processes to be dealt with internally but the starting point should be whether you would like to implement your own processes into the solution or whether to choose the supplier’s best practice. (Best practice can be described as a tried and tested standard solution developed by the supplier based on earlier experiences.) Your chosen supplier can also be accommodating here and offer minor modifications for their processes to work for your organisation. Real processes often need some tweaking to work within a system.

Allow process management to be a separate part of, or at least a recurring topic in, your RFI and give the supplier an opportunity to present its possibilities. The best process tool is the one being used so don’t forget to assess the usability.

Write down all your current HR processes. How many do you have? What would having them all in a system mean to you?


Kind regards,

Ellen at Verismo