Who are better judges of a systems supplier than their existing customers? Taking up references happens in virtually every purchase of an HR system and gives you great possibilities of asking about the things read between the lines. The referees are usually contacted via a phone call but those who are really interested ask to visit a customer so they can see the solution in action for themselves. Some good things to find out when taking a reference are:

What are you using the solution for?

This may seem almost too basic but the fact is that all companies have their own mix of systems, competences and objectives. Maybe you will receive inspiring information and discover new needs.

How well does the supplier’s image match reality?

Say that for example support is a core value for your organisation and you are considering two suppliers who both seem to have suitable support agreements. How do they work in reality? Define your main queries and take the opportunity to ask the existing customer about these specifically.

If you had to redo your implementation today, what would you do differently?

The answer to this question can reveal the good choices that created value for the organisation but also tell of errors that may be directly connected to how the customer put their project team together, wrote agreements and worked internally with the process. I also recommend our course How to implement an HR solution here for a greater understanding of implementations.


We will wrap this course up in the next chapter. Until then,

Ellen at Verismo