We’re starting from the end with what the coming chapters will give you an understanding of – an RFI for an HR system. We will in true Verismo style guide you through questions that need answering within the organisation and areas that tend to be forgotten when in a creative flow. The aim is to provide you with the tools of a sharp requirements analyst and good chances of selecting the optimal system for your company.

A Request For Information, RFI, is as the name suggests a request for information sent from a buyer to a supplier. RFI’s are usually sent as an Excel file to be completed within the given framework. Sometimes the RFI has been preceded by a first meeting and sometimes the RFI itself constitutes the initial contact. It is important that the questions asked in the RFI will generate evaluable answers. My three best generic RFI tips for a buyer are:

Be clear. The material will hopefully reach several suppliers and the answers need to be compared and evaluated. A fair outcome requires easily understood and well-formulated questions that the supplier can answer clearly.

Harmonise the contents. Your RFI may have one part written by HR, one by IT and one by your Finance department. Does the same question appear several times? Do the different departments request different functionality or is the material coherent and well thought through?

Stick to the important questions. Going into the finer details of your requirements too early on in the process can take the focus from the main reason you are buying a system. Think of what you want to be able to do rather than how the functionality will enable you to do it.


Have a think: How would you like a question to be asked in order for you to be able to give the best possible answer?


This will be interesting, join the ride!

/Ellen at Verismo