Welcome to our course on how to learn better and make your learning stick. We are so excited that you’ve decided to take this course. 

Can you think back to the first class you ever had when you first officially started school? It was probably a reading or writing class in primary school. Did any of your teachers or your parents sit you down to explain to you how to learn? My guess is they didn’t. 

Instead, we’re expected to somehow know how to learn. But how are we supposed to develop this skill? Through magic, divine intervention, osmosis, instinct, trial, and error? 

In this course, we will talk about mental and environmental prerequisites for learning and retention. Although there are different ways in which learning occurs, our aim in this course is to improve conscious recall - the kind of learning we’re after when we’re taking a class, or going through a training program, or when we sit down in front of an open textbook. 

In order to make learning stick, we need to create connections in our brain. By hooking the new information to previous knowledge, we ensure the encoding of what we’re learning deep into our memory. We’ll show you just how to do that in this course. 

Your turn

For this course to be truly helpful in shaping your learning habits, we’d like you to pick something that you really want to learn. It can be something that you’re either currently learning, or that you’re planning on starting to learn it as you’re going through the course. 

Write down one this one thing that you want to apply the learning theory too. It can be learning a new language, learning how to play an instrument, learning about the geography of Africa or about behavioral economics principles. 

Throughout the course, you’ll refer back to it and see how you can apply what you’re finding out about learning to this new topic. 

If you're taking this course via Messenger we encourage you to reply in the conversation as a way to make notes and reminders for yourself.