I'm back!

A common mistake is to not be able to distinguish between presentation and documentation. You have no idea how often I hear this line: 

"Yes, but Lisa, I need to have this much information on my presentation slides since I will distribute them as handouts as well.”

Bad idea. 

What is the result of the presentation at the moment? Well, too much information on the slides because you have to write complete sentences for anyone to understand after the presentation. 

And the audience will not hear much of what you’re saying because they’re busy reading while you’re talking.

Instead, write a short, simple message on the presentation slides, and then a separate documentation such in a document format. It is also possible to use the script part in the program as long as you intend to fit the text. I have seen a shocking example of the text not being adapted. There were a bunch of sellers who always left her presentation as documentation for a customer visit. The script part of the images said "For this picture you should convince the customer that ..."

Your turn
Consider what documentation you tend to share and what you could hand out instead. Maybe just a printed annual report?

Think of the boost your presentation has gone through now!


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